Phonetics is

a science that involves the study of human sounds and speech. At first term phonetics meant the field of knowledge which deals with the issues in articulatory of sounds. Phonetics as an individual linguistic discipline appeared in the late o f 19th century. Although an exploration the sounds comes up to the remote past.

Today phonetics is a cross-branched discipline: it closely related to physics, anatomy, physiology, neurophysiology, psychology, cybernetics, criminology, pedagogy and more. Therefore not only linguistics but also physics provides phonetics (speech acoustics).

 Why study sounds and speech? Speech analysis is
primarily actual for:

  • solution of the fundamental linguistic issues: the nature and essence of language, language structure, language and speech, language and mind, the origin of language and regular occurrence of languages progress, writing systems and orthography, the ways and methods of language material studying etc.;
  • improvement of methods for foreign languages teaching, oral language improvement (diction), teaching the hard-of-hearing;
  • automatic speech “cloning”: synthesis and recognition;
  • application in telephony, radio and other communication channels;
  • methods expanding of forensic researches: phonoscopic expertise, phonetic polygraph and so on;
  • usage in medicine: logopedics, phonetic therapy, phonetic prosthetics, biodiagnostics.

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